Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Teresa and Joao in Vancouver and Seattle

Did I hear someone say
"Look who's competing with Moira's glasses!!" ??!!

These were the most "in" glasses in Vancouver when Joao and I were there right before joining all the Webheads in Seattle on Monday, Mar 19. However, I must have misplaced them on the bus to Seattle - does that resemble a busy Bee always forgetting her glasses everywhere?! - and wasn't able to display the latest fashion in Canadian glasses when I joined you all. ;-)

This is just an appetizer! After all, weren't we always at pubs and restaurants?! More will follow tomorrow with a slideshow of our 3 unforgettable days in Vancouver, a city we fell in love with at first sight. And then there will be another slideshow of an unforgettable, memorable, exciting, fun, F.U.N. and intensely lived experience, full of adrenaline for all, in Seattle.

Beijinhos for now, Teresa

First course!! Joao and Teresa left their hearts in.... Vancouver!!!
Joao and I fell in love with this very beautiful city as we headed by cab at 2:30 am Friday, Mar 16, to the Metropolitan Hotel (recommended by Sharon Holdner and now by us) on Howe St. in the heart of the Financial District. We arrived with a seven hour delay after three flights and not the initial two. It was raining.

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Here's the promised podcast recorded at the "all girls" dinner at Cutters Bayhouse overlooking Elliot Bay. Instead of a drink at the bar I had a very warm and yummy "smoked salmon chowder" - original, isn't it? -, because I felt a cold coming. And I took an aspirin, just in case. Then I had the lovely "Mixed Greens with Maple Vinaigrette" under the Not So Big Salads. Yuuummy!!!! And the portion was just right. At about 22:30, I walked back to the Red Lion Hotel with Nina and had a lovely talk on the way. Wasn't it great, Nina?! :-)

1Apr07: Second course (this is a looong meal!)
Sightseeing in Seattle with Joao and... alone

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There's more to come...

2Apr07: Dessert, deliciously sweet...
The magic of the Webheads in Seattle!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Teresa,
I think your glasses are even fancier than Moira's. It's a great photo!

Cora (U.S.A.)

Dennis said...

Hi, Teresa--and everyone.

The glasses are fantastic! I saw them before, however--on João's blog (with its wonderful album of Vancouver photos).

I can easily understand why you and João fell in love with Vancouver at first sight. It's a beautiful, multicultural city and has a "look" and atmosphere that make it quite different from U.S. cities. I've been there two or three times and loved it more each time.

I look forward to seeing the soon-to-be-posted slideshow--and also a podcast that someone (Carla, I think) mentioned.

Muitos abraços!

Dennis (in Phoenix)

Nina Liakos said...

Beautiful pictures! That suspension bridge looks amazing. Were you scared to go out on it, or did it feel steady?

I am sorry I did not get to Vancouver, and I am sorry I never met Joao. Please tell him hello from a Maryland webhead!

Dennis said...

Hi, Teresa--and everyone.

The photos are wonderful! The ones of the waterfront and of downtown Vancouver were familiar and brought back very pleasant memories of my trips there. The ones of the Capilano Canyon suspension bridge, of Grouse Mountain, and of Stanley Park made me want to visit Vancouver again--since I didn't venture far from downtown when I was there.

I thought the one of you among the black-and-white "cut-out people" was an especially clever job of photo editing!

Thanks so much for sharing.

Muitos abraços!

Dennis (in Phoenix)

Teresa said...

Dear Cora, Nina and Dennis,

The glasses are a joke for Moira, of course, and I just thought that up when I saw that photo that I had forgotten completely about.

In fact, those days in Seattle were so fabulously and intensely lived that some details about Vancouver only came back through the photos. One of them is that Joao and I had lunch with a distant "Deca" (as they write) relative. Those photos will be added to the slideshow tomorrow.

I will be adding the "ladies only dinner" podcast, Dennis, but the days seem to be flying by and not enough time to get everything done. There's still so much adrenaline in me that it's unbelievable! :-)

Nina, I was amazed at myself, because Crossing the Capilano Suspension Bridge was a piece of cake. I even enjoyed all the extra swaying "on purpose" by some people. But... I felt extremely safe.

There's a beautiful forest and there's a certain walkable route around part of it. If you go all the way and get the 5-6 stamps on the brochure, you get a Certificate. We both did!

And when the guy found out that we were from Portugal, we even got the extra privilege of being shown the photos of the BIG tree that fell on the bridge several months earlier during a storm and all the reconstruction work that went on. Can you believe our luck?! The bridge had reopened to the public only 4 days before we were there!!!

Grouse Mountain and the going up in the "gondola", as they call it, was another surprise for me. No fear at all, and believe me it's pretty steep both ways.

A very memorable and fascinating 10 days with so many wonderful and diverse memories, best of all and most special, the "human touch" and warmth among all the Webheads. Truly unforgettable! :-)

Love form Joao. He's also sorry he didn't get to meet you, Nina, and some other Webheads. Maybe next year in NYC!

Love you all. Beijinhos,
Teresa (Portugal)

Veronica Baig said...


Your photos of Vancouver are great--they bring back lots of memories for me. I'm only a 13 hour drive away! Canadians are known for measuring distances in hours to drive! My son was fortunate enough to spend a couple of years in Vancouver as a post-doc; it really helped to have somewhere to stay.It is a beautiful city, and almost all of Canada would move there if it weren't so expensive. So most of us just have to enjoy the occasional visit to the place we call La-La land. I'm so glad you had such a good trip there.


Dennis said...

Hi, Teresa--and everyone.

I just listened to the podcast made on the 22nd ("Ladies' Night at Cutters"): what fun! The laughter was infectious! I think you were having a wonderful time together!

It was really, really nice, once again, to hear some familiar voices--of Teresa, Carla, Erika, Bee--and also to hear some new ones--of Veronica, Nina Liakos, Benet, Jane, and Patricia. Hearing Veronica, Nina, and Jane was a special treat because I feel as if I know all three, due to their heavy participation in EVO and this blog, but had never heard their voices before. Hearing Benet and Patricia was another special treat, since I've never had any direct contact with either: I learned about Benet indirectly through one of Carlinha's blogs, and I had only seen Patricia's name!

The podcast made it very clear that this year's Webheads gathering at TESOL was very special indeed!

Best wishes to all--and many, many thanks to Teresa for this very special treat!

Dennis (in Phoenix)

Patricia said...

Dear Dennis,
Glad you enjoyed the podcast :) It was a lot of fun at the restaurant - a very memorable night with a lot of laughter and GREAT STORIES! Teresa's ideas to record the great atmosphere was fantastic - now we have a keepsake from that night that can be shared with those who weren't there. You and I have actually 'met' in a chat room - I think it was the last Blogstream salon chat (first Sunday of March?). Hope to meet you there again this Sunday :)

Daf said...

Wonderful pictures of Vancouver, Teresinha, they also brought back memories of the two times I have been to Vancouver. It is really an unforgettable city with excellent hotels and wonderful restaurants. I especially remember a Greek restaurant with a greek dancer and mouth-watering food, hmmmm. (don't remember the name now).

You should have taken a picture wearing your glasses next to Moira ;-)

I am so sorry I missed the ladies dinner, but time was not enough for all the things going on, and I really wanted to see my friend who I had not seen for 7 years.

There will be other times :-)



Dennis said...

Hi, Patricia.

Now I know why your name was familiar!

I do plan to be at the Blogstream Salon today and look forward to seeing you there!

Take care--

Dennis (in Phoenix)