Monday, March 19, 2007

arrived safe and sound...

Hello dear fellow Webheads!

I am in Seattle at last and arrived here on March 18th. Everyday I am having lessons and learning new things. Before arriving to Seattle I had to spend one day in NY due to bad weather.

I am lucky to have GREAT HOST FAMILY Whoopy!
I am going to register tomorrow afternoon at the TESOL Registration table at Convention Center around 3:30 t0 4:00.
Meet me there (I might be your guide to show Seattle, but I may get lost even with a map :))


Dennis said...

Salaam, Ibrahimjon.

I'm glad to hear that you (finally) arrived safely in Seattle. Enjoy your time there!

If I were going to be at the convention, I would probably have met you by now--and I would've given you a big welcome hug! I can't attend, however, so the only hug I can offer is a virtual one:

{{{{{ HUG }}}}}

I hope you have a wonderful time--especially at the Webheads dinner tomorrow (Wednesday, 3-21-07) evening.

Ma'a al-salaama!

Dennis in Phoenix

Nina said...

Hi Ibrahim!

It's so nice to realize that you have arrived safely. I wish you to have fun and enjoy your staying at the Convention surrounded the warm and friendly webheads community.

Stay happy and stay in touch letting us know about your experiences. We all are with you.

Lots of love,
Nina Lyulkun