Monday, March 26, 2007

Unforgettable Sleepless Webheads in Seattle

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It will never be possible to translate this confluence of very special souls into the same space! Certainly the concept of Communities of Practice expanded its meaning in our Sleepless Seattle encounters!

Amazing to meet you all face-to-face and keep talking to others online.

Thanks, guys!

I'll never be the same. It made me speechless after Seattle!



An Kaya said...

What a beautiful experience, Carla!
But all of you shared it with us and that is amazingly comforting.

Barbara said...

Very nice and funny photos!!! I can imagine it was a wonderful experience for all of you.


Dennis said...

Even more great photos! Thanks for posting them, Carlinha. The sense of "the Webheads 2007 TESOL experience" that I've experienced through this blog has become part of my own memory of this year's TESOL.

I'm especially glad Ibrahimjon was able to meet so many Webheads.

And it really is a small world: I saw a photo of a colleague from where I work in photo #9 of the slide show. He's the tall fellow standing up and watching Moira.

Thanks again for sharing!

Dennis in Phoenix