Sunday, March 11, 2007

Attending the convention and program

Hi everybody,

Since 1991, I attended TESOL Conventions almost every year. However, since 2002, due to different problems, I have not been able to attend; so, I am very happy to be able to be back to a TESOL Convention :-)
I am doubly happy because I am going to meet again with some webheads (Tere, Elizabeth, Vance, Christine), and I will be able to meet many others for the first time :-); and secondly, the convention is taking place in one of my favorite cities: Seattle (I have been there twice before).

Btw, this is a link to keep handy: the convention program:

I am arriving on Monday 19, at around 7 pm (to the airport), and I will be staying with Tere at the Red Lion Hotel.

Very much looking forward to seeing you there!!!!




Nina Liakos said...

Hi Daf,
Thanks for the link to the online program book, which I have added to the links in the sidebar!
Counting down....

Profa. Audy Y. Castañeda said...

Well, it is nice to be able to meet familiar faces. This is the first time I ever leave Venezuela. I'm looking forward to this experience. Only concern right now is the weather, though I'm sure I'll manage. Hopefully.

Daf said...

Dear Audy,

You will be in awe with Seattle. It is a wonderful city, especially in the Spring :-)

Where are you staying?



Erika Cruvinel said...

Hi Daf
I can't wait to meet you and Tere! You are my very special BAW teachers. You can be sure that you two have made a change in my life and in the way I teach. I will always be thankful!

Dennis said...

Hola, Dafne--and everyone.

The link to the EShow online program for TESOL 2007 is a very good one, and I've visited it several times.

I was a little bit frustrated last night (3-20-07) because the link wasn't loading, but this morning (3-21-07) everything is OK again.

Enjoy Seattle and TESOL!

Thanks again for the EShow link.

Muchos abrazos de Phoenix!