Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bring Your Umbrella!

I've just checked the 5-day weather forecast weather forecast for Seattle. Highs to be in the mid-50s (13-17 degrees C.) through Wednesday, overnight lows in the low 40s (5-6 degrees C.), with a pretty good chance of rain every day. Well, it's Seattle, what do you expect?

Check Weather Underground/Seattle for updates.

I hope Bee is on her way there now, and not stuck in the airport in New York!


Erika Cruvinel said...

Hello everyone! I'm already in the US. I flew for long 15 hours from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil to Ontario in California. I'm spending the weekend with the family whom I lived with as an exchange student 15 years ago and I'm flying to Seattle on Tuesday noon. It's not that cold in California, but I should get ready for cold rainy Seattle. It can't be that cold with so many great webheads around. The sun will shine for us! Today I'm going to an Irish pub to celebrate St Patrick's day and tomorrow I will have some fun in Disneyland. I deserve some fun before a busy conference week, don't I?
A million {{{{{hugs}}}}

joseantoniook said...

Hi Erika,
I am hapy to know yoou arrived well and ok in the US. I t must be really good to revisit your host family. I love California, but it might be really cold and wet right now.
Good luck and enjoy yourself.
Big hug

Veronica Baig said...

Like Nina, I've been following the weather forecast for Seattle. It seems to be suggesting showers rather than continuous rain. We'll just hope for the best--but bring your umbrellas and then we won't need them. There's a "law" about that!

At least it will be warmer for me there than here!


Dennis said...

Olá, Erikinha.

It sounds as if you've already had a wonderful trip--since you spent time in California with your former host family and are now with Carlinha in Seattle. Your visits to the Irish pub and Disneyland sounded like lots of fun!

I loved your comment that "It can't be that cold [in Seattle] with so many great Webheads around." The photo of Carlinha, Elizabeth, and you proves how true that comment is!

Muitos abraços!

Dennis in Phoenix