Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nina's Wednesday album

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I spent most of Wednesday at the Electronic Village, volunteering as a "greeter", attending several EV Fair and Classics sessions (details to be added later) and just hanging out. I finally met all of the webheads, and had lunch with Carla, Erika, and two CTJ friends of theirs, Conception (sp?) and Katie.


Dennis said...

Hi, Nina--and everyone.

You had a VERY long day Wednesday--but also a very good one, I think!

Your albums are wonderful!

I was especially glad to see the photo of you and Ibrahimjon. I know that he was (and is) greatly looking forward to meeting Webheads face to face.

Thanks a million, Nina, for starting this blog. It will preserve memories of Webheads at TESOL 2007 for a long, long time, and it's also a terrific way for those who couldn't be in Seattle physically to feel part of the "Webheads in Seattle 2007 experience"!


Dennis in Phoenix

Berta said...

Wonderful account, Color Twin, thanks for generously having us "feel" Tesol-EVO through your experiences. Hugs, Berta

Beyza said...

Hi all,
It seems that you really enjoy attending TESOL.I loved your photo albums.I wish I were there .Thanks for sharing your experiences with us:)
Best Wishes

Nina said...

Am amazing album, Nina!

Thanks a ton for your idea and great job you've done for everyone to remember the exciting event, and letting all those who don't have that opportunity to participate in reality at the convention. With this blog, and Bee's Flickr albums we are with you in Seattle. I exactly feel that.

It's 00:40 here, but i can't leave this place of pictures and your postings, I'm really communicating with you right now.

Lots of love,
Nina (twin) from Ukraine