Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Hi, all fortunate Webheads sharing a table on Wednesday, March 21 !

The table is booked for dinner, 7.30 pm.

Have a look at the map at

As a well-known landmark, it's right in front of the Public Library in Seattle.

The exact address:

1101 Fourth Avenue at the corner of Spring Street, Seattle, WA 98101

Tel: 206.624.7755
Fax: 206.624.0050

We need to spend at least 400 dollars in all, which is no problem, I guess, if we are all turning up.

If you have any queries, please, leave them here.

My toast to a memorable meeting!



Dennis said...

Hi to Nina, Rita, and everyone.

This is sure to be a memorable gathering, and I wish I could be there with all of you. Be sure you take plenty of photos!

I've never eaten at Sazerac, but the menu is very interesting indeed--a creative and eclectic mix of seafood, Cajun cookery, and fresh local ingredients. I get hungry just looking through the menu!

Very best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Veronica Baig said...

I'm just curious as to why we need to spend at least $400. Although I gather from the posting and other information that this is a fancy restaurant!

Looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying a memorable dinner.


Nina Liakos said...

It looks kind of pricy, but it's possible to order something not too expensive--like the little pizza for $10! I am just looking forward to the company.

Leanne said...

I'm no expert, but my calculator tells me that $400 split 20 ways is *only* $20 each. Even translated into Canadian, that's a deal: just to spend a face-to-face evening with my WebHead friends will be worth every penny. And hey, I have to eat anyway.

Elizabeth H-S said...

I'll be there at the restaurant, Rita, at 7:30.

As I recall, the Awards Reception begins with introducing awardees to the roomful of people, but then it gets very chaotic, and you'd be lucky to find anyone you recognize. People mill around and try to get an hors d'oeuvre if they can.

Or are they having a dinner this time??

But you and Bee really should go, just leave in time to get to Sazerac by about 7:15.

I don't think we'll have any problem reaching the $400 minimum! (I'll buy a nice bottle of wine to help out...)


Daf said...

Hmm, just by reading the menu I am getting hungry.

The catch of the day is always a good choice in Seattle, and Washington wine is worth trying ;-)



Erika Cruvinel said...

I really don't think spending $400.00 will be a problem. I'm counting the minutes to see you!