Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Food deals in Seattle

Hi everybody,

I have come across this wonderful information:

1. a coupon for a free 25$-dinner in Seattle:

2. three-course meals for 15 (lunch) and 25 (dinner)

-list of restaurantes included (Sazerac is in the list)
-there are reviews for some of the restaurants (I have been tempted by the japanese Nishino)
-menus available
-map with restaurant location.




Nina Liakos said...

Awesome! I note for the first coupon that only one coupon per table is allowed. Is anyone interested in going in several small groups and splitting the benefit? How about Thursday?

As for the second one, do you think it means nobody pays more than $25? What do they get for that? I'm not clear on how it works.

Nina (counting down)

Veronica Baig said...

Good sleuthing! I've printed off the coupon already.

Perhaps the first people to get to the restaurant on Wednesday can ascertain whether we can use the coupons with the "deal" we already have. Even if we can only use one coupon, it's still worth using it.

The second one seems to be saying that you pay $25 for a 3-course dinner. My guess is that the restaurants are counting on people ordering more food than they would if they were ordering separately off the menu. How many of us eat dessert when it is "included", but pass it up when it's extra!

Will anyone else be looking for dinner on Tuesday evening? Perhaps those of us who are interested could meet up, check out one of these places, and take it from there.


Nina Liakos said...

I'll be in a PCI Tuesday from 5-9 pm so I guess I'll have to pass up dinner that day... unless it's very early or very late! :-)

Daf said...

Dear Nina, Veronica and all,

I would love to try some of these restaurants. On the restaurants page you have links to the menus and you can select from various dishes for each of the 3 courses. I usually have a good breakfast and then a good lunch, my dinners are usually very light (but this is a very special week) :-)