Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cat herder arrives to find cats scattered all over town

Hi everyone, Vance here, arrived safely in Seattle but unfortunately with an hour and a half delay in Dallas of all places (flights on time in Abu Dhabi and London) I arrived late and was just acting on the note given me at Green Tortoise that I should proceed to a certain bar and encountered Moira, Dave Winet, and Leanne just coming back. Rita got up from her computer for enthusiastic greetings but resumed contact, with Dennis Oliver she said, and so I came on line to see if I could find her there. Hope to see you all in the Skypecast tomorrow if not at breakfast beforehand.


Nina said...

Hi Vance,

We are happy to hear from you and looking forward to seeing you in Skypecast.

Stay happy.

With warmest regards,
Nina Lyulkun from Ukraine

Dennis said...

Hi, Chief Catherder!

It's good to know that you arrived in Seattle.

I look forward to the colloquium later this morning!

Yes, Rita Z. and I have been in touch. I also had a terrific YM chat with Ibrahim from Tajikistan.

I look forward to hearing more about TESOL and Seattle.

Have a great time at the dinner tonight! (And thanks, Rita, for setting it up.)

All the best--

Dennis in Phoenix