Saturday, March 31, 2007

Still sleepless

My dearest friends,

So many things have already been said about our Seattle-TESOL-Webheads get together, and they are still not enough to express what it meant to all of us. I have been back for a week, and I cannot stop thinking about each of the moments we shared. Too many emotions to be translated into words: meeting f2f for the first time, reuniting with others, getting flowers from Dennis, getting a quilt made by Leanne, hugging and kissing for real, laughing from morning to evening, well, we cannot forget that we also attended the convention ;-)

I think that Tere and I have not shared that while we were giving our EV presentation about BaW07 in the EV, we logged in to Yahoo Messenger and Dennis Oliver was there. Well, while we were talking with our audience, Dennis created a web page to welcome our participants. That is the image above. Dennis was not physically in Seattle , but indeed his soul was there with us all the time.
Leanne also surprised Tere and I after the official webheads dinner with a very special webheads quilt for each of us. Mine is already on the wall in my office, but before hanging it, I showed it to all my family, colleagues and friends. Leanne, you will be my companion while I work ;-)

Tons of hugs, abrazos, besitos and beijinhos :-)
Here are my pictures:

While Tere and I were giving our presentation on BaW, in the EV, Chris took a picture with my camera, but.... he clicked on the movie button ;-) so here it is:
(click on the link, and wait for the movie to download).
After I came back, I had to face the last week of the trimester, evaluations, meetings, administrative work, and my mind still in Seattle :-(
I will try to catch up during the Easter holiday, and my first task was to download the photos and write this message.
Still sleepless,


Dennis said...

Hi, my mentor and colleague and friend, Dafne--and everyone.

I loved your photos and also the video snippet.

I agree with your thought that "I have been back for a week, and I cannot stop thinking about each of the moments we shared." Although I wasn't in Seattle physically, my soul was indeed "there with [you] all the time." The Webheads gathering in Seattle was a wonderfully inspiring example of what a community of practice is at its best!

I hope you get some sleep soon!

Muchos besitos y abrazos desde Phoenix--


Leanne said...

Dear Dafne,
I'm so glad you liked my little quilt; it is my way of thanking you for your tireless devotion to helping students, be they your f2f students or your virtual students, as I was in BaW 2005-2006. I'm proud and honoured to be your companion-in-spirit in your office through that wallhanging.

Meeting you and Teresa, in particular, was a dream come true for me. Whatever bond of friendship we had made before in our online interaction was forged anew when we were face to face and I could see the love in your eyes. A truly unforgettable experience.

Hugs forever,

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Paula Emmert said...

Hey Daf and all webheads!

I feel like I'm obsessed! I keep looking at the pictures over and over since it was just such an amazing, warm and fun experience to meet everyone.

I was disappointed when I forgot my camera, but no more! There are plenty of wonderful photos that just seem to have captured all of the highlights- day and night!


Anonymous said...


Well I guess it was lucky I pressed your video button instead of the picture. Wow, just like yesterday. It was sure fun with all of you. Seattle misses you all. It's not the same!