Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday evening at Sazerac

Dennis sent beautiful red tulips for everybody to the restaurant! Of course we would have preferred to have Dennis there with us, but the flowers were a wonderful way for Dennis to have a presence at our dinner at Sazerac. Leanne brought maple candies for everybody and beautiful webheads mini-quilts which she had created herself (did anyone else know that Leanne is a quilter???) for Daf and Teresa, to thank them for their support. The food was great and the company was fantastic. I met several webheads I had not so far interacted with online, including John Hibbs, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, David Winet, and others (some of you will recognize their photos). Afterwards some of us continued the party at the Elephant & Castle, downstairs from the Red Lion. I went to bed exhausted at midnight (3 a.m. my time) but hardly slept at all because of the excitement of meeting so many good friends f2f.

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Dennis said...

Wonderful photos, Nina! As I see the slide show, it's almost like being there!

(Also see my comments after the "I spent most of Wednesday . . ." post.)

This blog is an excellent way of recording memories of Webheads at TESOL 2007. Thanks very much for creating it!


Dennis in Phoenis

Berta said...

I can´t wait to see more photos of today´´s dinner. Yerterday´s was fantastic. What was the total number? So many wonderful faces! Unforgettable memories, Nina.
Love, Berta

An Kaya said...

Thanks Nina, for sharing with us this magnific TESOL 2007.
Each morning I visit this blog to share and enjoy your memories.