Friday, April 20, 2007

The dreams of wannabes sometimes come true!

Hi my dear fellow WebHeads,

Just a few minutes ago I googled Moira's article by writing my full name, so I got lots of results, and found this link that could make you surprised Teaching English in Central Asia: The View From Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan . You can also download it as mp3, hopefully you will enjoy it.

I have been listening to VOA since 1997, and wanted to see its headquarters in DC. The dreams of wannabes sometimes come true!
As Nina L said: "if you "wanna" hard enough and are lucky too!"


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Some fun after Seattle

Hey guys,

Hope you enjoy this puzzle :-)

Leaving Seattle Jigsaw Puzzle

click on the image!



Sunday, April 8, 2007

Rita´s photostory

Rita, your photostory is so lovely that I decided to embed it here :-)



TESOL Photostory

Here's a photostory I made with photos from different albums... You'll probably see some of yours in it!

Hugs all,


Saturday, March 31, 2007

Still sleepless

My dearest friends,

So many things have already been said about our Seattle-TESOL-Webheads get together, and they are still not enough to express what it meant to all of us. I have been back for a week, and I cannot stop thinking about each of the moments we shared. Too many emotions to be translated into words: meeting f2f for the first time, reuniting with others, getting flowers from Dennis, getting a quilt made by Leanne, hugging and kissing for real, laughing from morning to evening, well, we cannot forget that we also attended the convention ;-)

I think that Tere and I have not shared that while we were giving our EV presentation about BaW07 in the EV, we logged in to Yahoo Messenger and Dennis Oliver was there. Well, while we were talking with our audience, Dennis created a web page to welcome our participants. That is the image above. Dennis was not physically in Seattle , but indeed his soul was there with us all the time.
Leanne also surprised Tere and I after the official webheads dinner with a very special webheads quilt for each of us. Mine is already on the wall in my office, but before hanging it, I showed it to all my family, colleagues and friends. Leanne, you will be my companion while I work ;-)

Tons of hugs, abrazos, besitos and beijinhos :-)
Here are my pictures:

While Tere and I were giving our presentation on BaW, in the EV, Chris took a picture with my camera, but.... he clicked on the movie button ;-) so here it is:
(click on the link, and wait for the movie to download).
After I came back, I had to face the last week of the trimester, evaluations, meetings, administrative work, and my mind still in Seattle :-(
I will try to catch up during the Easter holiday, and my first task was to download the photos and write this message.
Still sleepless,

Back in Argentina

Hi, so many new f2f friends and still virtual friends, in Seattle and everywhere else!!!

It's soooo very hard to concentrate back again on my daily routine... It's as if there's been a life BEFORE Seattle and another one AFTER Seattle. It's a thrilling sensation that keeps adding zest to every single day allowing me to indulge in loooooots of funny, cheerful, delightful memories...

Moira, Leanne and I travelled to Victoria Island on Saturday, spent one day there sightseeing and then visited Vancouver for two more days.
All pictures are eloquent enough, so here goes my contribution to the collection already shared by many other fortunate Webheads:

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A little of the EVO presentation

Here's a video snippet taken by Branka Marceta from our EVO presentation in Seattle. Bee Dieu is speaking, and it's mostly Webheads at the table. (Isn't that Moira seated in the foreground? It was Wednesday morning, so sadly, there were only about 30-40 people present. Visit Webheads at WorldBridges to hear the full Web cast recording. Links to all the materials and slideshows, etc. are at our wiki, CALL IS Electronic Village Online Communities.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Teresa and Joao in Vancouver and Seattle

Did I hear someone say
"Look who's competing with Moira's glasses!!" ??!!

These were the most "in" glasses in Vancouver when Joao and I were there right before joining all the Webheads in Seattle on Monday, Mar 19. However, I must have misplaced them on the bus to Seattle - does that resemble a busy Bee always forgetting her glasses everywhere?! - and wasn't able to display the latest fashion in Canadian glasses when I joined you all. ;-)

This is just an appetizer! After all, weren't we always at pubs and restaurants?! More will follow tomorrow with a slideshow of our 3 unforgettable days in Vancouver, a city we fell in love with at first sight. And then there will be another slideshow of an unforgettable, memorable, exciting, fun, F.U.N. and intensely lived experience, full of adrenaline for all, in Seattle.

Beijinhos for now, Teresa

First course!! Joao and Teresa left their hearts in.... Vancouver!!!
Joao and I fell in love with this very beautiful city as we headed by cab at 2:30 am Friday, Mar 16, to the Metropolitan Hotel (recommended by Sharon Holdner and now by us) on Howe St. in the heart of the Financial District. We arrived with a seven hour delay after three flights and not the initial two. It was raining.

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Here's the promised podcast recorded at the "all girls" dinner at Cutters Bayhouse overlooking Elliot Bay. Instead of a drink at the bar I had a very warm and yummy "smoked salmon chowder" - original, isn't it? -, because I felt a cold coming. And I took an aspirin, just in case. Then I had the lovely "Mixed Greens with Maple Vinaigrette" under the Not So Big Salads. Yuuummy!!!! And the portion was just right. At about 22:30, I walked back to the Red Lion Hotel with Nina and had a lovely talk on the way. Wasn't it great, Nina?! :-)

1Apr07: Second course (this is a looong meal!)
Sightseeing in Seattle with Joao and... alone

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There's more to come...

2Apr07: Dessert, deliciously sweet...
The magic of the Webheads in Seattle!

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