Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nina Offline in Seattle

Hi everybody (including all the webheads reading this from other places!),

I arrived in Seattle (where it alternates between raining and sunny every few minutes and is cold!) yesterday around lunchtime but had no luck finding any webheads. :-( Since I don't have a laptop, I also couldn't check out all the great posts that went up yesterday! Now I am in the hotel using my roommate's laptop and burning to meet all of you today. I'm in room 1415 at the Red Lion (206-971-8000). I plan to go to the EV today as soon as it opens.

Yesterday I wandered down to the Pike St. Market and had a good time exploring it. Took lots of pictures which for some reason I can't embed here, but the url for the bubbleshare album is

From 5-9 I attended a pre-convention institute on program planning and evaluation.

Here are the presenters: Eva Bowman, Deanna Hochstat, and Terry O'Donnell.

And below that is a picture of the participants working on a task:

It was a long day: I got up in Maryland yeterday morning at 3 a.m. to take the shuttle to the airport and by the time I got to bed it was after 10 pm (=after 1 am my time). But some of you are a lot more jetlagged than that, so I will stop whining!

Can't wait to see you!


Dennis said...

Hi, Nina--and everyone.

I'm glad you made it to Seattle in good shape, but your first day must certainly have been a very long one!

I loved your photos--both the ones posted to the blog and the ones in your BubbleShare album.

Did you see any "flying fish" at the Pike Street Market? (That's an "inside" joke, but you and Ibrahimjon will know what it means!

Above all, thanks for starting this blog. It's a WONDERFUL way to share impressions of Seattle and TESOL!


Dennis in Phoenix

angelesb said...

Hi Nina!!!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

"Flying Fishes" at Picket market is a must XD

a biiiiiiiiig hug from Mèxico


Profa. Audy Y. Castañeda said...

Hi Dafne. Here I am in Seattle too. I'm staying at Sprinhill Suites, about 8 blocks from the Convention Center. I've been to different places, but still have to visit the Pike Street Market...LOL

Hope to meet you some time at the Convention site. Hugs, Audy