Saturday, March 24, 2007

Last day

Good morning dear all!

Where are you? Today is my last day in Seattle. Tomorrow I will be in DC. Hopefully I will meet Nina there.

For now I wish to meet some other Webheads and have some more hugs on behalf of Hala. Where are you Daf and Tere?

After two hours I'll leave Convention Center:( Hopefully I will be able to come and meet some other fellow Webheads in NY-2008, especially Dennis and Hala

Ibrahim-John :)


Dennis said...

Salaam, Ibrahimjon.

I'm really, really glad that your trip to Seattle has been a good one. I'm also glad we were able to chat online during the TESOL convention.

I hope you were able to meet Dafne and Teresa--and also other Webheads.

And I also hope you and Hala and I will be able to meet F2F at TESOL in New York in 2008!

Very best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Nina said...

Dear Ibrahim and all the webheads participated at TESOL convention,

Have a nice trip back home. Everyone is waiting for you - at your homes and here again in our warm and friendly community.

We are looking forward to hear from you again here at this wonderful place created by my twin - Nina!

With warmest regards,
Nina Lyulkun

Hala said...

I hope to meet you too Ibrahim and Dennis!Have a safe trip to your home Ibrahim.Don't forget to upload the photos soon!
Thank you in advance for the virual hugs you will send!

Daf said...

I am back home after travelling all day yesterday. I slept most of the trip, I even lost dinner on the plane (I gather the flight attendant did not want to wake me up).

What a wonderful webheads meeting :-)

I will write more later.


Nina Liakos said...

I am awaiting your call!
Nina in College Park (soon to be in Gaithersburg)