Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dennis - No Words to Thank You...

Dear Dennis,

Only such a special person could have such a wonderful surprise for us during our get-together. The night was already so intense, everybody chatting and sharing. I couldn't even sit! I wanted to be everywhere talking to each one of those fantastic souls, I couldn't miss any moment. Just wanted to freeze it.The photos are the image that will always be in my mind. And to make the night even more perfect, those wonderful tulips just arrived. Magic moments deserve red tulips. Who sent them? You, my dear friend, Dennis. We'll never be able to express our thanks for such a sweet, thoughtful gift from Arizona! You were there all the time with us.


Carla and Erika


Dennis said...

Carlinha e Erikinha:

I have no words to thank you for such a kind and moving message! Can you see me smiling as I keyboard this?

Muitos abraços e beijos na bochecha!

Do coração--

Dennis in Phoenix

Berta said...

Wow, Dennis, what a great touch! I bet the surprise of getting not virtual flowers but real flowers was simply amazing, unforgetable.
You too are truly special. Hugs, Berta

Jennifer Verschoor said...

That was very sweet Dennis!!
The pictures show their great surprise and huge smiles.

A true gentleman.

angelesb said...

it's amazing how dennis is always in all the webheads places!!!

The flowers are so beautiful and you look more beautiful between the flowers!!! thanks for sharing these photos :)


I want to be there XD

Nina said...

Yes, Dennis is the most special person who brighten your staying in seattle.

You are SUPER, Dennis!

Lots of love,

buthaina said...

Oh My God!! How beautiful you look ladies, and what a wonderful surprise by Dennis; really amazing...

Have a pleasant stay in Seattle; enjoy the Convention, and have great FUN :)

Carla Arena said...

Indeed, it was just the fantastic Dennis touch to our night! Real red tulips! We'll never forget that. It added a special flavor to our dinner, and Dennis was certainly there with us, as well as each one of you!

Today the Electronic Village is really bustling! It is crowded. Lots of educators interested in knowing more on how to incorporate technology in the classroom. The word Webheads is getting even more widespread, and we will certainly have more of them soon!

Beijos to all of you. Special beijos for you my friend Dennis!