Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From the Red Lion to the Wild Ginger

Webhead encounters are happening all over town...Jane met Bee in her pajamas, then Daf and Teresa joined us, and the pajama-ed Bee took this pic in our hotel room
Tuesday night, Jane, Rita, Moira, Bee and Anna were in the Red Lion lobby waiting for a few other webheads

Then ten of us for the pre-Webhead official dinner at the Wild Ginger:
Jane, Anna, Leeanne, Joao, Teresa, Bee, Daf, Rita....and another view with David, Bee, Anna and Leeanne...Webheads rock!


SUSAN BURG said...

thanks for all these lovely pics and your smiles....wih I was there with all of you!!!!!
:-) Susan

Cris said...

Nice to see that you are having fun.
Here I am with Jeff, Dennis Oliver and other Webheads waiting to connect to Seattle!

Patricia said...

Fantastic pictures! Looks like you are having a lot of fun :) I am going to miss the Wednesday's big dinner; is there a smaller event on Thursday for the late comers?

Nina said...

That's a great pleasure to see how happy you are, dear webheads ladies!

Stay that happy!

It was an amazing event this morning at Worldbridges to listen to you and feel that you are absolutely close to us.

It is a small world!

Stay in touch. We are awaiting for new reflections of your experiences.

nina from Ukraine

Dennis said...

Hi, WiA friends.

The photos are fantastic! I feel almost as if I was there with you!

In the photos, all of you looked as if you were having a terrific time. It was especially good to see João there.

I thoroughly enjoyed today's live webcast from Seattle. It was made even more special by the links to sections of the colloquium wiki. That way we could hear, see, and respond (by text chat) to what was going on--a highly participative experience, especially for those of us who were not at TESOL when the presentation took place. Thanks, Vance, for posting the majority of the links.

Enjoy Seattle! Enjoy meeting Webheads face to face! Enjoy the TESOL convention! And most of all, have a fantastic time at the dinner tonight!

Hugs to all--

Dennis in Phoenix

angelesb said...


You look like having a lot of fun in Seattle!!!
When you come back to your own country you'll have a brain full of knowledge and a heart full of love.


àngelesb (hot in my small island)

Jennifer Verschoor said...

It´s great to see so many Weabheads together!!
I felt near you this morning at Worldbridges.
Could listen to the wonderful atmosphere in Seattle and the picture confirm it.
Continue having lots of fun and enjoy your stay.
Thanks for sharing.
Jennifer from Argentina

Berta said...

Wow, it is great to "see" you have a blast! Thanks for sharing such wonderful moments. Hugs, Berta