Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And here is my photo...

Salom aleikum! Here is my picture with other TESOL participants from Central Asia. Central Asia - Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzistan and some other --- stans :) . I hope you can recognize me(black jacket with white and red stripes), and if you do please approach without hesitation :) and don't stare at me in distance :))


Dennis said...

Aleikum salaam, Ibrahimjon!

I just saw your very nice photo. It was especially meaningful since you and I were chatting on YM when you put the photo online.

I hope you continue to have a wonderful time at TESOL. I also hope you meet LOTS of Webhead friends and meet new colleagues as well!

Best wishes to you!

Dennis in Phoenix

SusNyrop said...

Hello Ibrahim, take care, from now on you'll HAVE to wear that jacket :-)

Best wishes from Denmarkistan,


PS somehow I keep getting a new prompt for word verification, so perhaps I'm posting same message repeatedly. Sorry.

Nina said...

Dear Ibrahim,

Your picture looks terrific. It's impossible to mix you up with all nice ladies from the -stans. I think that I known you for ages and happy to take a look at all your pics and read your messages here. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

Stay happy and the best of luck!

Nina Lyulkun

P.S. Sus, it happened that we are writing our comments at the same time and you and me have to keep word verification repeat.