Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ibrahimjon, where were you?

Ibrahim, we miissed you at our webheads dinner last night. I know you were planning to be there--what happened?

Some of us are going to dinner (no reservation this time, just an informal get-together) tonight (Thursday). If you (or anyone reading this) can come, just meet us in the downstairs lobby of the Convention Center (Pike St. entrance) at 7 p.m.

Everyone: Have a great day at the convention! It's already almost 8 am and I am late!


Dennis said...

Hi, my friend Nina (and everyone).

What a pity that Ibrahimjon wasn't at the dinner! I know that he was (and is) looking forward to meeting Webheads F2F.

I just sent Ibrahimjon a YM and told him to be sure to check this blog for a special message just for him!

Thanks for starting this blog, Nina. It's proved to be a marvelous way of keeping in touch and of sharing the "TESOL Seattle 2007 experience"!


Dennis in Phoenix

Ibrahim said...

Hi Nina,
As I already told you, my host family brought me two tickets to go and enjoy NBA Basketball game. I had also to go with our team to a reception.

Late night I got lost and walked till 11:00 and thanks to my map I could find my way in Shoreline. Great lesson and experience.

It is pity that I could not join, but hope today we will have lunch after Moira's session. She is still talking about DimDim ;)

Just a few mins I met Tere Whoopy and today in the evening I will upload some pictures.

Discovering America by getting lost and walking whole night :))


Nina Liakos said...

As long as you are safe, getting lost is a great way to discover a new place, Ibrahim!

Sorry to have missed lunch today, but I grabbed a very quick bite at the "deli" in the exhibit hall and then rushed back to the EV for a fascinating mini-workshop on "A Google of Uses for Google", given by George Chinnery of my own state of Maryland.

When I have more time, I plan to sit down and write more details about each EV fair, classic, or mini-workshop I attended, complete with relevant links! But that is definitely not for tonight. I've just had a nap and am off to find a few webheads to go for dinner (I hope).

Dennis, I dedicate this blog to you and all the other webhead friends in distant places. You should be here with us! But since you can't be, it's my wish that the blog can help you to attend the Convention virtually.