Thursday, March 22, 2007

Get Closer to Us!

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It's two in the morning, but we felt we owe this to each one of us who is close to us in thoughts, but physically around the globe!

Have fun!


Carla and Erika


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Really nice pictures! I hope you guys enjoy this experience a lot!!!

Regards from Brazil!

SusNyrop said...

What an amazing Bubble show, put together late night, so that I could find it, as first thing in the morning!

I've also enjoyed fully the Flickr photos from Bee where I contributed with one or two brief comments.

From your pictures I'm spotting more faces than those present at the EVO session yesterday - Chris Johnson and Joao (whom I've both met f2f), Aiden and John Hibbs.

It was such a rich feeling to join the Skypecast as a listener and chatroom attendant. Guess whose voice is that? was a popular exercise from the distant participants. The feeling of presence was strong!

PS to Elizabeth:
I think you would need an invitation to join as a co-member of this blog for posting images. Ask Rita!

Dennis said...

Hi, Carlinha and Erikinha and everyone.

What a beautiful and meaningful slide show! I've already played through it three times, and I'm sure I'll play it again and again!

I loved seeing the photos of Dafne, Teresa, you two, Elizabeth, Bee, Vance, Jane, Rita, Aiden, Moira, Leanne, Paula, John Hibbs, and others (pardon me if I've forgotten a name--or not been able to match faces and names). The photos of the "miniquilts" (made, I assume, by Leanne) were very special. And I'm glad the tulips arrived; they were there as the result of a number of messages between Phoenix and Rita and two of the Sazerac management staff. I think I also recognized Michael Krauss, Randall Davis, and Tom Robb in shots from the colloquium and dinner; am I right?

Continue to enjoy Seattle, TESOL, and (most of all) the F2F connections that you've all established!

Muito obrigado, Carlinha e Erikinha, for this beautiful and meaningful wee-hours-of-the-morning gift!

Dennis in Phoenix

Dennis said...


How could I have forgotten to add my friend and colleague Nina's name? What a colossal "lapsus digitae"! Without Nina, this blog wouldn't even exist!

Nina, it was a real treat to see your photo in this post by Carla and Erika and even more of a treat to see your own BubbleShare album!

Dennis in Phoenix

Berta said...

Thanks Carla and Erika for sharing those glorious moments with us. I was so delighted listening to some of your voices yesterday at Worldbridges. I guess I listened to a bit of Erika quite at the end sort of off air as the sessioned ended ... and loved listening to the familiar voices of Dafne, Jane, Teresa, Bee, Vance and Carla. All the best, hugs, Berta

angelesb said...

Wonderful photos!!!

it's like we are there!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing about people (like me) who could't go to Seattle.

Regards from Mexico

Nina said...

No words for excitement!
Dear webheads have expressed all the feelings everyone has.
I am thankful to everyone who made it possible to follow this grand event like TESOL convention at least virtually.

{{{{BIG HUG}}}}} to all of you, dear friends. Stay happy! and enjoy this wonderful moments!


An Kaya said...

Carla and Erika,
Wonderful pics!
I can feel we are there too.
njoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Carla Arena said...

Hey, everyone,

It was our pleasure to post the photos! We're here at the electronic village. Just presented on the Blogging for Beginners session and there were many people interested in it. We had a great talk which ended up taking 2 hours instead of one!

We're still getting-together, having dinners, meeting for lunch, going for coffee at Starbucks. Tonight Chinese restaurant! The last night with all the webheads together!

Soon Teresa will post our podcast we did for you last night!


Hala said...

Thank you ladies for letting me feel as if I was there.
Fantabulous pics and real excitement poping out of my screen!!!
Enjoy to the last drop!

Claudia Bellusci said...

Hi, Carla and Erika!
I've finally been able to have a glimpse of your wonderful life in -Seattle. I'll see more in the days to come. The photos are great and it's so good to see you smiling in them. You must have had a wonderful time and I'll be looking forward to your impressions when you're back home.
Kisses and hugs to my superpowerful B4B sisters!!!

Elizabeth H-S said...

What a nice set of pictures! thanks guys for documenting our adventures so well!