Sunday, March 25, 2007

Late Night Laughs

I'm back in sunny, snowy Montreal to catch up on the sleeplessness from Seattle. Here are some pics from late-night laughing webheads on our last night together. How nice to know as we each return home, that we're all still just a click away....Jane


Berta said...

Hola Jane, excelentes fotos y muy divertidas también. Definitivamente te gusta el color turquesa. Thanks for sharing all those fun moments. You all make us feel we were a bit there too.
Cariños, Berta

Nina said...

I completely agree with Berta. You made us be present at Convention and enjoy observing the wonderful places and smile and laugh with you all. Hope to hear ans see more pics from you all. Thank you very much Jane again.

Nina Lyulkun

Michael said...

I think it's obvious that you all had far too much to drink and behaved in a very unprofessional manner. Also looks like you all had a ball and I wish I was there. To think that all that joy and closeness arose from online communications. Just wonderful. Wish I'd been there.

Erika Cruvinel said...

Yes, Jane.
Always just a click away! I already miss you so much!

Dennis said...

Hi, Jane--and everyone.

What wonderful photos! I loved seeing the laughing faces of the Webheads! It was obvious that everyone was having a terrific time!

I imagine you and all of the others who had the great pleasure of being together in Seattle are more or less back to your "normal" routines by now, but I suspect that your lives will never be the same after the very special days at TESOL in Seattle. I've thoroughly enjoyed the posts, the comments, and the many, many photos on this blog. It has been a terrific way of sharing this "Webheads be-in" (a dated reference; how many of you remember "be-ins" from way back when?).

And even though all the TESOL 2007 Webheads are back home by now, the sense of community that was so firmly established in Seattle will no doubt remain--since (as you said in your post, Jane, and as Erikinha also noted in her comment), " . . . we're all still just a click away."

Thanks for sharing, Jane.


Dennis in Phoenix