Saturday, March 31, 2007

A little of the EVO presentation

Here's a video snippet taken by Branka Marceta from our EVO presentation in Seattle. Bee Dieu is speaking, and it's mostly Webheads at the table. (Isn't that Moira seated in the foreground? It was Wednesday morning, so sadly, there were only about 30-40 people present. Visit Webheads at WorldBridges to hear the full Web cast recording. Links to all the materials and slideshows, etc. are at our wiki, CALL IS Electronic Village Online Communities.


Dennis said...

Hello, Elizabeth--and everyone.

I enjoyed the video snippet of the TESOL EVO colloquium very much. I only wish it had been longer!

Thanks, also, for the direct links to the WiA/WorldBridges pages and the CALL-IS wiki materials: very helpful!

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to participate in the colloquium online. How I wish I'd been there in person!

Hugs and very best wishes--

Dennis (in Phoenix)

Rick said...

Hi Webheads,

I was sorry to have missed this presentation (and the famous Webheads parties). I managed to cross paths with Vance and Dave W, but couldn't make the parties. {:-{<},

Thanks for this blog--it helps me keep in touch.


Nina said...

Hi everyone and Elizabeth,

Thanks a lot for the video. I do wish too it had been longer. Anyway, it's a pleasure to see how the colloquium was taking place.

I have downloaded the audio materials from colloquium and offered my colleagues at our national conference to listen to it while my presentation yesterday. They were glad to hear it and were really amazed.

Thanks again for all the postings here and for this blog which makes the world closer.

nina Lyulkun