Saturday, March 31, 2007

Back in Argentina

Hi, so many new f2f friends and still virtual friends, in Seattle and everywhere else!!!

It's soooo very hard to concentrate back again on my daily routine... It's as if there's been a life BEFORE Seattle and another one AFTER Seattle. It's a thrilling sensation that keeps adding zest to every single day allowing me to indulge in loooooots of funny, cheerful, delightful memories...

Moira, Leanne and I travelled to Victoria Island on Saturday, spent one day there sightseeing and then visited Vancouver for two more days.
All pictures are eloquent enough, so here goes my contribution to the collection already shared by many other fortunate Webheads:

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Veronica Baig said...

It looks like you enjoyed "high tea" at the Empress in Victoria. It's supposed to be one of the experiences one should have in life--albeit an expensive one.

Thanks for sharing the pics.


Dennis said...

Hi, Rita--and everyone.

What a wonderful collection of photos! Some were more or less familiar, since they showed events captured (from another perspective) in other albums posted here. Others were completely new--in particular, the photos of Victoria. (How I wish I'd been able to join you and Leanne and Moira for high tea!)

My favorite photos included (working from the beginning to the end) the shot of Moira, you, and Dafne; the group shot featuring Teresa, Nina, you, Tom Robb, Moira, and Dafne; the group shot of Chris, Elizabeth, Dafne, Nina, Moira; the shot of Teresa, Dafne, and you; the group with Moira, Aiden, you, Leanne, Vance, Dafne, and Chris; the shot of you and Tom Robb; Vance standing in the EV room; the shot of you and Randall Davis; the group including Dafne, Nina, Leanne, Vance, Ibrahimjon, Teresa, and you; the shot of Moira, Leanne, and you having high tea in Victoria; and the photo of the totem poles.

Thanks very much for sharing. What a rich tapestry of images and thoughts is being assembled for the "2007 Webheads Reunion"!

Muchos abrazos--

Dennis (in Phoenix)

Patricia said...

Great pictures, Rita! It looks like you enjoyed both Victoria and Vancouver! I got to Vancouver in the middle of the night on my way back from Seattle and wanted to get off right away and not to go back to Toronto. ;( Love Vancouver so much! Oh, well, maybe next year!

Jane said...

High Tea looks fabulous. I'll have to do it one day! Thank you so much for sharing the Victoria/Vancouver pics--and all the others as well. It looks like Canada blessed you with a bit of sunshine for at least part of the visit. And you are absolutely right that life seems to be divided by the BEFORE and AFTER Seattle.

Lots of hugs from Montreal,


Daf said...

I am so glad you were able to enjoy "high tea", as I suggested. I spent 2 days in Victoria, one of the two times I visited Vancouver, and I loved the island, I felt like in a fairytale world (even though it was rainning)

Thanks for sharing the photos :-)



Leanne said...

Dearest roomie Rita,
Thanks for sharing your photos and a week of your life with me. It was more fun being together than the photos will ever show. Yes, life "AFTER" Seattle will never be the same, nor will the wonderful friendships strengthened by our amazing face to face contact.

Hugs forever,

Teresa said...

Dear Ritinha,
I've had so much fun going over your album again! What fun we all had! What a group!!! :-)
Beijinhos, Teresa