Sunday, April 8, 2007

TESOL Photostory

Here's a photostory I made with photos from different albums... You'll probably see some of yours in it!

Hugs all,



Teresa said...

Dear Ritinha,
I looooooove your photostory! What great memories it brought back! Don't you just feel like repeating it all over again? I do. :-)
But since that is still a year away - New York City here we come!!! get ready for the Webheads' magic! - the good thing while we wait is that we have great photo albums such as yours to look at now and then.
Thanks, dear friend!
Beijinhos, Teresa

Dennis said...

Hello, Rita--and everyone.

What a wonderful photostory! I loved it! It makes my dream of attending TESOL in New York even stronger!

Your photostory, with the many other thoughts and images found on this blog, will keep memories of TESOL 2007 in Seattle fresh--and that will help us all begin making plans now for next year's convention at the New York Hilton and Sheraton, New York City, April 2-5, 2008.

Thanks again, Rita!

Dennis in Phoenix