Sunday, April 8, 2007

Rita´s photostory

Rita, your photostory is so lovely that I decided to embed it here :-)




Nina Liakos said...

Thanks to Rita, for creating, and to Daf, for embedding here, this wonderful photostory. I love listening to Rita's elegant English commentary as the photos stor memories of this most special time at TESOL 2007.

Dennis said...

Embedding Rita's photostory was a terrific idea, Dafne.

Still photos are great, moving slide shows are better, and moving slide shows with voiceover are better still!

Thanks to both you (Dafne) and Rita!

Dennis (in Phoenix)

RitaZ said...

Thank you, Dafninha dear !! As Tere says, all these treasured memories will renew our enthusiasm for our next big encounter in a year...,and keep it kindling...;-)
And I'm sure many more "new" faces will be adding still more zest!

RitaZ said...

I have received a comment from Leanne, which I'm copying and pasting here (thank you, Leanne!):

You've captured not only the sights of Seattle, but
the heart of the adventure itself, in the people we
met and shared some great times with. You will really
appreciate in the future, how you've narrated with the
names of everyone (when the neurons go dim!).